Note: The thoughts and activities discussed in this post occurred on August 12, 2011

I was asked by a reader today (by email) why I haven’t posted many pics with this blog since I travel to so many places as a hiker and/or as an AT hiker support operator, and why I haven’t posted at least one pic of myself.  Well, so far as pics of the places visited go, there are some I just downloaded from my camera that will be included when the blog is posted about the trip they’re from.  Just haven’t had time to get my thoughts “on paper” yet.  It won’t be long.  🙂  Regarding a pic of myself… I hadn’t given it any thought until I was asked.  After all, while this blog is about things I do or see, it’s not intended to be about Me per se.  It’s about a potential service to cancer survivors like myself, as well as the joys and benefits of cycling.  Since I have no desire to remain anonymous, and after viewing quite a few other blogs hosted by WordPress and seeing pics of their author(s), I’ve decided to post a couple.  Want to see more?  Then join me for a ride!  😉  Disclaimer:  If these pics cause your comp to crash, or break your monitor, just remember… I was asked to post them!   lol

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