Cyclist Shuttles

 Note: This post has also been set up as a “page” for permanent reference.

As you may have noticed from some previous posts my primary occupation is providing support and shuttle/transportation services to hikers and backpackers on the Appalachian Trail, Bartram, Benton MacKaye, and Mountains To Sea trails.  After several recent requests from hikers to also shuttle them for cycling trips I have decided to “officially” extend my services to cyclists as well.

I have been in the shuttling/support business since 2001 and currently serve TN, NC, SC, VA, WV, GA, and FL from Daytona Beach and Ocala north, however I am willing to provide services anywhere within a 450 mile radius of Gatlinburg, TN or Cherokee, NC.  My services have been listed with the ATC (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) for 8 years, online with White for over 5 years, as well as in print in the Appalachian Pages, Benton MacKaye Thru Hikers Guide, and the A.T. Guide.

Since the hiker shuttles currently provide a substantial portion of my livelihood I will be contributing 25% (the profit margin) of my cyclist shuttle income, plus all tips/gratuities received from them, to the fund earmarked to accomplish the goals as set forth in this blog’s “Purpose” page.

Please email for more information regarding shuttles or the fund.

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