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Season Ending

The season is finally ending.  No, I’m not talking about summer, although that is also the case.  I’m referring to the “hot and heavy” business season.  Most years I hate to see it go, but this year is somewhat different.  I’ll miss my regular clients, as well as meeting new clients which sometimes become new friends as well, but this time around I’m looking forward to leaving behind the rush-rush and enjoying the slower pace of autumn.  For some reason mother nature has been tugging at me stronger than usual, so I’m finding it difficult to wait until I have time to get out into some of the more remote areas and simply enjoy my surroundings.  I think I’ll do much more riding this fall than usual.  While out conducting business I’ve been making notes on places I’d like to revisit.  Hopefully most of those notes will be followed through on.  What this means to you, my followers, is more ride reports complete with pictures and descriptions of the areas visited.  Be patient.  My “season” isn’t quite over yet, but it won’t be long.  🙂

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A New Lease On Life

Note: The thoughts and activities discussed in this post occurred on August 23, 2011.

As mentioned in the First Ride post I finally took my 18-year-old Huffy Snakeriver bicycle to an area bike shop for it’s “physical”.  When I picked it up today I  learned that mechanically it had passed with flying colors, needing only a couple of minor adjustments.  It was a bit of a disappointment to learn it needed one new tire, the front one, because the tread was beginning to separate from the body of the tire, but considering how long it had been in storage it’s probably a near miracle both tires did not need to be replaced.  Now that’s what I call dependability!  It makes me wonder if bikes being produced now will last this long or if they’re made like a lot of cars, designed to be replaced every few years.  I’m not knocking any manufacturers, or new bikes, just wondering.  I have never made any major repairs to this bike, and as much as it pains me to admit it, I failed to give it the loving care I should have.  As a matter of fact it’s had one (1) change of tires/tubes (not counting the one it currently needs), one (1) change of the brake pads, and only received sporadic lubrication of critical parts.  I’m not advocating or condoning lack of maintenance for a bike.  Quite the opposite.  Bikes should receive regular cleanings and maintenance if you want them to be safe, dependable, and last for any decent amount of time.  I simply never did so, something that will change as of today.  Anyway, once I got my bike home I took it for a quick spin.  Everything worked great, pretty much as I remember from when it was new.  I did make one decision however.  The old seat has to go.  I want, and need, a much softer, springier, breathable one.  This one simply doesn’t have any give in it and the solid design will probably be quite hot, not to mention uncomfortable, on longer rides.  Fifteen years ago I never gave this much thought, however now that I’ve been browsing the online cycling sites, and visiting the bike sections of Sears, Wal-Mart, etc. I see much more user-friendly seats available, so naturally I want one.  😉  I know this kind of goes against my “old school” theme, but technically it’s ok.  I’m only replacing the seat, not the bike.  lol  I need to touch-up the paint too.  I don’t want the small rust spots to become large ones.  I don’t mind it looking unique (see my Crux Of The Matter post), but I certainly don’t want it looking, or being, neglected.

I want to give the bike shop I used kudos and an honorable mention here.  Not only was the staff knowledgeable, they were friendly and took the time to listen to my needs and concerns, then explained in detail what they could do for my bike if it needed additional work, how long it would take, and the full price of the service.  I don’t know if this is typical, but they had the bike ready three (3) days sooner than I was told.  A lot of other places would just fiddle around and do the work when they felt like it.  After I had paid for the tune-up I asked a few questions about some maintenance items I will need in the future.  They had their money and knew I wasn’t buying anything else at that time, yet they didn’t try to rush me out or give quick stock answers.  Instead, time was taken to show me the various choices I had, explain the differences, and give their recommendations based on my needs and the way I will probably be riding, not according to which item was the most expensive.  I’m impressed.  If you knew me you’d know I don’t impress easily.  If you have a bike needing service and are in, or planning to visit, the Western NC area I suggest you check out Motion Makers Bike Shop.  I’m glad I did, and will definitely visit them again.  🙂

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Introduction – Hello

Hello, and welcome to my blog. The theme here is “old school” or “shoestring budget” cycling, with a goal. This is a first for me.  I’ve visited other blogs from time to time but never hosted one.   Together we will trace my journey from re-discovering a much-loved activity (bicycle riding… or “cycling” as it’s called now) from more than 15 years ago (and almost 1,000 miles away from where I now live), through the realization that this activity could lead to what I feel is a much-needed service for millions of Americans, then hopefully on to the implementation of this idea/service. From that point who knows? Hope we find out together! 😉

There are really only three rules here: 1) This blog is intended for all ages so when commenting keep it G rated. 2) Stay on topic.  3) No spam or advertising.  If you follow these rules you’re welcome to comment as often, or as sporadic, as you wish. If you don’t follow these two rules your comments and/or link will be deleted.

This initial post to my blog will be followed as soon as possible by an About Me page.  [Now Posted]  My schedule is currently rather full, or I should say haphazardly full… some days I barely have time to eat, others start out at a frenzied pace then fizzle to near-boredom. You’ll see what I mean as we go along and delve into my lifestyle and activities. For now I will be adding posts/pages as free-time permits, making a concerted effort to do so at every opportunity, so please check back often for additions.  I’m not sure what all to put into the About Me page other than basic information about myself, so if anyone has a suggestion as to what should, or should not, be posted please feel free to let me know. Like I said above, this “thing” is a first for me. lol

After I post the About Me page I plan to explore more about the reasons behind starting this blog on a page to be titled “Purpose”.  [Now Also Posted]  I believe you’ll find this a bit more interesting than the About Me page so please check back soon.

Out of necessity, since I started this blog in August, 2011 and can’t back-date/start the entries in the late winter/early spring of this year when my journey actually began, the first few blog entries other than the “About Me” will be sort of retro entries.  I’ll discuss the thought processes which occurred then as if they’re happening now.  It will be obvious when I catch up to the current time.

In conclusion, as blogging is something I currently know little about, I’m open to suggestions regarding the addition of widgets, links, photos, etc to this blog. When suggesting these things please be specific, and if possible include some information about the item(s) you’re suggesting, such as how they’re implemented, what they do, and/or why you feel your suggestion would be a good addition here. Also, if you like what you read here, please let me and your fellow readers know by “liking” this blog below, and sharing it with your friends.

A Facebook page has been set up for this blog which contains photos, most of which are full-size whenever possible, and in the future a bit more information than is found here.  Please visit that page when you have a chance.  I’ve noticed recently (Winter 2011) that for some reason Facebook keep changing my page to “unpublished” periodically.  Each time I find this I correct the problem  by re-publishing it and notifying Facebook about the problem.  Hopefully they will resolve the issue soon.  If you try to visit the page and it’s not available please drop me a note and complain to Facebook about the problem, then check it again in a day or two.

Thanks for the time you took to read this.  I hope to “see” you here again soon as you follow my adventures in the world of cycling!

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